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The Arc of Warren County VA is a chapter that was founded by a group of emboldened parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who share the common goal of creating inclusive communities, schools, and opportunities.

With a collective voice, local parents joined with parents across the nation to advocate for:

  • Home & community-based services;

  • Inclusive education, including spearheading the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act;

  • The creation of Supplemental Security Income for individuals with severe disabilities;

  • The passage of Rosa’s Law in 2010, which replaced the term “mental retardation” with intellectual disabilities in federal health, education, and labor policy

  • And so much more

The Arc of Warren County VA today continues this bold tradition of empowerment through advocacy, community-based education, and collaboration.

To learn more about how you can join our movement

visit our Facebook page.

Our Team

Our board consists of parents and community volunteers who have a personal mission and connection in guaranteeing we provide resources to our community and families of individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Executive Director
Lynn Downs

Lynn has over 25 years of experience working within disability advocacy both professionally and in a volunteer manner. She takes the lead in all our advocacy efforts and feels strongly that no parent or caregiver should feel alone in their journey to finding resources and services for their individual with a disability. 

Membership Committee Chair
Winifred Ehlinger

Winnie has served our organization by providing her help in documenting our events and in providing ideas that help create a more accessible community for wheelchair users. She has over 15 years of experience with disability and accessibility needs. 

Planning Committee Chair
Ann Deans Masch

Ann Masch has a passion for helping individuals of all ages make connections and develop healthy relationships. She organizes all our social events for individuals with disabilities to ensure they are growing their connection to the community . She has over 20 years of experience. 

Assistant Executive Director
Education Committee Co-Chair
Adam Buettner

Adam works with parents, teachers, administrators, and school board officials to advocate for needed changes within our school system.  These can be as simple as helping with an IEP but also includes working to make systemic changes within Warren County Public Schools.

Public Relations Chair
Darlene Kelly

Darlene has almost 30 years of experience working within the intellectual and developmental disability community. She works hard to ensure we receive funding via fundraising and grants. Darlene is involved with developing all marketing materials and representing the organization at local events.

Residencial Home Expert
Diane Hecksher

Diane has experience setting up an in-home residential program.  She can help families navigate the process of becoming certified.  She is also involved in planning many of our social programs.

Christian works within our community creating partnerships with local businesses and organizations.  He talks to business leaders about the needs of our individuals within the community, which he knows firsthand as a disabled individual.  He is also in charge of our Disabled Parents Support Group.  

Community Liaison
Education Committee Co-Chair
Christian Downs

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